Monday, July 11, 2011

Community Workshop number 2

This weekend, we held another workshop open to the community.

In attendance, we were happy to have Waiganjo, Mutungi, and Samuel, the newest members of our team. Mutungi and Waiganjo come from Kenyatta Secondary School, where Mutungi teaches science and runs the e-learning program, and where Waiganjo teaches English and has involved himself in the e-learning program. Samuel comes from Bura Girls Secondary School, where he runs the e-learning program. These gentleman have agreed to work with the teachers at Bura Primary School, when we are in America. We are very happy to have them on our team.

Knowing that we would have more numbers than our last community workshop, we came up with a plan. As people trickle in, get them started on the record activity. Then, when more came, send them out as a team to document their surroundings. When they were ready, help them turn what they made into some sort of project using Write.xo or Memorize.xo or Paint.xo.

As people did trickle in, this proved to be very successful. Our new team members would help the community members get started on record.xo . One group made this brochure about our location using record.xo and write.xo:

Other teams took photos and made memorize.xo activities:
Some teams were distracted by some of the many other activities on the XO.

Wikipedia.xo was hugely popular, as users were very interested in reading and learning.

Read.xo was hugely popular for the same reasons as Wikipedia. Additionally, we have loaded a book in Kidawida, the local language, and everyone spent a good deal of time reading this.

TuxMath.xo People were excited to get lost in the space world, and found themselves very happy to work through the math problems in order to shoot down the meteors.

We are able to see that the library benefits of the XOs will be utilized. We will want to find even more books to add to the computers.

We are also reminded, that with creativity implementation, computers make learning fun and addictive. 

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